With all of the rain in the last few weeks, Southern California has never looked prettier. I am expecting an absolutely terrific battlefield and encampment area. (I'm hoping to have photos to post on Facebook by Monday.) 

Lots of radio commercials will be running on KCAL, 99.9 or 96.7 FM, so we're hoping to have a great deal of exposure to listeners and this will be in addition to Facebook advertising.

As you can see below, we will have an EXCELLENT reenactor turnout, especially for a first time event!


Col. David Grace, Commanding

Major Bruce Carver, Staff

Major Curt Huddelson, Staff

Major Heath Hammond

Battalion Commander


Major Jason Coffey

Battalion Commander


69th Penna, Co. A

Sgt. Ryan Doezie

1st Pioneers, Co. D

Lt. Jeff Blansett

49th Ohio

Capt. Darryl Hutchinson

10th NY

Lt. Chris Russell

71st Penn. Infantry

72nd Penn. Infantry

1st Penn. Artillery

Lt. Col. Bob Glessner

7th Michigan Cavalry, Co. F

Cpl. Bruce Smith


If your unit is one of those few that will not be attending, I am confident that you will receive a warm welcome by other units.

Civilian unit leaders, please advise me of your unit's attendance and space requirements.

Now, here is about the only bad news I have about the event. No fires are allowed in the park. You may cook on propane and the like, but the park does not allow campfires because of the hazard in this area. While I expect that as green as it is, you would need kerosene to start a fire, the rule applies year round now. For those of you who don't want to cook, you will recall that very inexpensive food will be available for purchase this weekend. See the January 10 message at the bottom for the menu.

Minors, if you are attending without a parent, download and have them copy the release/waiver at www.civilwaralliance.org.

The reenactor registration fee is $5.00.

You may arrive after on Thursday if you wish. If you're camping in a tent, however, you WILL need to move your tent on Friday afternoon to the proper encampment area.

We're adding a 9:00 Swap Meet to the schedule. It will be held in the stage area, so dig out unwanted/unused items now and go home with a few dinero in your pocket.


    8:30 Church Call. (Sunday only)
   9:00 Officers Call. (All unit officers and civilian  unit leaders--Saturday only) (Stage)
   9:00 Swap Meet --Saturday only) (Stage)

   9:30 Division Officers Call. (Respective division headquarters)
  10:00 Event begins.
  10:30 War on the Home Front. (Civilian Camp)
  10:30 Band Concert: The Band of the Richmond Howitzer Battalion. (Stage)
  11:00 Presidential Press Conference. (Stage)
  11:30 Artillery Demonstration. (Battlefield)
  11:30 Band Concert: The Mountain Fifes & Drums Corps. (Battlefield)
  11:20 Weapons Inspection, Safety Briefing, and  Division Formation. (Respective sides' camps)
  11:30 Division Formation. (Respective sides' camps)


  12:45 Infantry and Cavalry Demonstrations. (Battlefield)
   1:15 Evans & Rogers Sing. (Stage)
   2:00 A Conversation with President Lincoln and The Generals. (Stage)
   2:30 Band Concert: The Mountain Fifes & Drums Corps. (Battlefield)
   2:30 Weapons Inspection, Safety Briefing, and Division Formation. (Respective sides' camps)
  4:00 Artillery Demonstration. (Battlefield)
  4:00 Band Concert and Victorian Dance Demonstration. The Armory Band (Saturday Only)
  5:00 Formal Program Ends.
  7:00 Dance--The Armory Band with Logan Creighton and Heather St. Clair as Dance Callers.  (Saturday Only)

**United States Sanitary Commission demonstrations throughout the day in its camp.
    Field Hospital demonstrations throughout the day in its camp.

As you can see from the schedule, the event will be filled with musical concerts and performances.

Online ticket purchases by the public have already begun. Our event will be supported with radio, newspaper, and paid Facebook advertising. As a result, I believe that we can expect excellent spectator attendance. I am particularly pleased that so many reenactor units have announced that they will be attending the event.


A special effort is being made to provide low cost meals for reenactors. See the menu:

Friday Night Dinner 


Hot Roast Beef Sandwich with Mashed Potatoes and Gravy and Steamed Vegetables----------- $8.00
Carne Asada Street Tacos (2), Mexican Rice and Re-fried Beans and Salsa------------------------------$7.00

Bowl of Texas Chili (chopped onion and shredded cheese on side)
with Cornbread---------------------------------------$6.00

Canned beverages, e.g., Diet Pepsi


Breakfast Burritos---12' flour Tortillas,  

Scrambled Eggs, Chopped Ham,

Bacon, Fried Potatoes, shredded,

Cheddar Cheese and Salsa--------------- $6.00                                     

Biscuits and Gravy----------------------------$4.00

Pancake stack----------------------------------$4.00

Side of eggs------------- -----------------------$2.00

Side of bacon or ham-------------------------$3.00

Coffee-------------------------------------------- $2.00



Saturday Night Dinner

Tossed Green Salad (choice of dressing), Spaghetti with choice of 

Meat Sauce or Marinara Sauce, and Garlic Toast------------------------------- $5.00




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My fellow reenactors,

Two weeks from today, I'm hoping that you will be packing for the Corona event on April 6-7.  It will be a grand event! The event will be almost a "Civil War music festival" with the Armory Band, the Richmond Howitzers Band, and the Mountain Fife and Drum Corps. Here's a special thanks to Bruce Carver for all of his fine efforts for the event.


Brig. Gen. E. C. Mann


Col. Reed Settle

Chief of Staff

Maj. Rick Erickson


Maj. Sam Gross

Ordnance Officer


Lt. Col. Ryan Settle


Maj. Darryl Rivers, Adjutant

Regimental Field Officer

Hampton's Legion, Co G

Capt Kelsey

3rd Regt, Co E, Engineers

Capt. Norm Braly

2nd Florida, Co I

First Lt. Kevin Dunbar

8th Alabama, Co. I

Capt. Mark Hammerness


Lt. Col. Paul Lewanski


First Lt. Vince Acosta, 


1st North Carolina Cavalry, Co. B

Capt. Jim Ellingson

First Lt. Vince Acosta

43rd Virginia

First Lt. Bob MacMillan

18th Virginia Cav.

First Lt. Dennis White


Lt. Col. Landis Potter


First Lt. Roger Glass


First Co., Richmond Howitzers

Capt. John Billinger